Got a problem with archaeologists?
Literally a Part of Me


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River Song meets the sister she didn’t know she had and the Doctor comes face to face with one of his endings.

Words: 9082, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

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I posted a couple new stories. 2/2

Yes, Mother


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Any mum can tease their daughter. Why should Amy be any different with hers?

Words: 578, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I posted a couple new stories. 1/2

Hello, Sweetie - WIP by TheyNamedHerRheulea


We’ve seen the day that the Doctor doesn’t know River, but not the day where River doesn’t know the Doctor.

Let’s Kill Hitler is the day River first meets the Doctor and doesn’t know him. Hence having to ask her parents if he’s worth it, being surprised by his behavior, and learning for herself if he’s a good man.


Guys don’t let Alex/River lose!  (they’re having posts that eliminate companions one by one where you vote for your least favorite)

It took me a second to read the least favorite part. It was so tough but I did it for River. and for the fun of it.

Wow, Rose is out already

Anyone up for a campaign to get River Song her own spinoff?


 I’m not even joking. Think about it: full time River!

  • Archaeological expeditions?
  • New species?
  • New worlds?
  • New cultures?
  • Academia?


I found an address a while back where you can send the BBC snail mail. (I guess I’m old fashioned because I always wonder if Internet comments actually do much. I know online petitions never work.) We should write them en masse.

I’m writing a letter now to Steven Moffat himself. I sent the one to the BBC and didn’t hear back. Did anyone else?


I was talking to a coworker about misogyny and the white dominated cast in Doctor Who, and his response was, “Some guys don’t know how to write female characters,” and “Well, there’s one black time lord.”

And that was it. That somehow made it all okay. He was getting so pissed off and making all…

You’re ignoring some facts to justify your point of view too, so you can’t really criticize someone else for doing the same thing. In fact, you give no facts to support your defensiveness so no one then has to give facts about what’s really happening.

If you don’t like something, that’s fine. No one has to like everything. I’m just as critical of the show too and will stop watching if I’m not enjoying it.

My dear Scotland reminds me of my dear River Song. A woman with fantastic potential, but can only find true fulfillment when attached to the archaic figure who has dominated her existence.

- Steven Moffat, on the results of the referendum. (via moffatsays)


Where’s the source for this? I searched for it and so did someone else; we can’t find it. The only thing out there is this post on tumblr.

So please give your source so we know this is authentic. Someone could very easily have lied to you; sadly, it happens too frequently.